GracePoint Bonnyrigg is a Presbyterian Church designed to

reach up to God
reach out to YOU.


GracePoint does this by focusing on 3 things : 

GracePoint Bonnyrigg values.001.jpg

We Follow Jesus


by seeing what the Bible says and applying it to our lives. We believe every word of the Bible comes from God and is useful for all parts of our lives. We worship Jesus as our saviour, through the work of the Holy Spirit, changing our lives, giving glory to God the Father. We all struggle to follow Jesus, but this is our deepest desire, to follow him, not to earn salvation but because He has given us salvation already through His death and resurrection.

We Value People

by loving each other through our gatherings and also in small groups. We strive to not only love God but love other people. Through following Jesus, GracePoint strives to be relevant, loving, challenging, understanding, and encouraging to every one that we are connected with. Whether it is your first time being part of our church, or you have been at GracePoint for a while, we value you and your uniqueness, as we all want to change more to be like Jesus. 

We Serve Bonnyrigg

We believe that the church doesn't just do mission, but the mission has a church. Following Jesus and Valuing others makes us serve the community around us. Bonnyrigg is such a diverse, multicultural, and new place for many. We want to honour the community that we are part of, and serve them where they are.